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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What the heck...if people are strongly and repeatedly criticizing that in "this shot the red is not red enough" etc., I will take the time to state again, that the menu design is just ridiculous (ly stupid) by leaving most of the screen empty and making the menu text so small that a big part of (average eye sighted) viewers may have difficulties to read it. This is a basic mistake (to me) less forgivable than a (slightly) wrong mixture of colors.
We hear you! You're not happy! You've put your point across (several times)!

People disagree with you. You're not going to change anyones opinion now so we don't need you to bleet on about it ad infinitum.
I really wish he'd quit speaking for all people of average eyesight. I have average eyesight (blind in one eye/average vision in the other) and have no issues reading the menus on a 32" TV at the distance he describes. My 32" is roughly the same distance from where I sit as his is

I wonder if he actually has a 32" set or if its a 22" or 26"?
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