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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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So, another vengeful bad guy following his own agenda and lots and lots of action. Pretty uninspiring.
Just finished rewatching Whom the Gods Destroy
After that i'm fairly certain that's who Benedict is.Which Garth's exploits as a tactician being required reading at Star Fleet academy and being one of the FLeet's greatest captains during war time he has the chops. He lost his mind after the beings of Antos IV taught him the cellular regen technique. After he went made he created what he claimed to be the most powerful explosive in the universe. Detonation anyone? After Star Fleet locked him away and his crew refused to go along with his delusions of granduer of establishing an empire he conspired to create one. All he needed was a starship to make this happen.

It's feasible that Garth would attack Earth first, and from the synopsis we know the detonates the fleet.

Another revenge bad guy?
Hmm XII Garth, XI Nero, X Shinzon, IX Ru'afo. Yeah I can see a pattern. At least Benedict won't be bald like the last 3 villains.
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