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Re: I gotta vent, because this is outrageous.

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Actually, I was reading some time back that an increasing number of people postpone marriage but not children. They feel "ready" for one but not the other. Yeah, ridiculous. If you can't handle an adult, how will you handle a child?
These relationships are completely different and not really comparable. It would be like saying if you can't commit to another adult in marriage how can you be a dutiful and loving daughter to elderly parents?

Marriage breaks down far more frequently than does child and parent relationships.
I know plenty of people with diverced parents who took the whole thing easy and were not emotionally crippled by it.
Hell, there's those of us (raises hand) that would have had a far better life had their parents got divorced instead of staying together in a loveless (at times violent) marriage out of some sense of (1) not letting the other one "win" (2) "You don't get divorced, that's not proper".
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