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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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Looking at that gif - Perhaps they've done a reversal and Kirk dies? I say that only because the hand that isn't Spock is dead still, whereas Spock's appears to be a slow, calculated move.

And it's a left hand, in a weird position. Leads me to believe that person is kneeling, and that they're propping themselves up with their left hand.
I am thinking it is Pikes hand. At the end of the Japanese trailer, Kirk is in the new uniform looking shocked. It's possible Pike is severely wounded and dies in a raid at Starfleet. Spock is indeed seen running in his blue shirt after Cumberbach, possibly after the attack (and returns to find Pike near death). There is also a scene were phaser blasts come into what looks like a Starfleet brass meeting zapping a Starfleet babe out of her chair.

In all honesty it will be better if with was Pike's hands, it will make the film stand out on its own than it constantly been compared to WOK.
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