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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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Looking at that gif - Perhaps they've done a reversal and Kirk dies? I say that only because the hand that isn't Spock is dead still, whereas Spock's appears to be a slow, calculated move.

And it's a left hand, in a weird position. Leads me to believe that person is kneeling, and that they're propping themselves up with their left hand.
I am thinking it is Pikes hand. At the end of the Japanese trailer, Kirk is in the new uniform looking shocked. It's possible Pike is severely wounded and dies in a raid at Starfleet. Spock is indeed seen running in his blue shirt after Cumberbach, possibly after the attack (and returns to find Pike near death). There is also a scene were phaser blasts come into what looks like a Starfleet brass meeting zapping a Starfleet babe out of her chair.
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