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Re: Starship water landing

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Okay, I hadn't seen the trailer or any images from the film yet. This thread was the first place I'd heard anything about it. Didn't know it was out there already. Never mind. And thanks for the long-winded and pompous lecture in place of just saying "Relax, it's in the teaser."
6 sentences is "long-winded" for you? Guess I could have just posted a fail pic and skipped the explaination?

And it's impressive you can call someone else pompous from way up on the high horse you posted the previous internet outrage post from. When you go off on someone without knowing what you're talking about, suppose you're risking someone pointing out that you missed the obvious. That the scene was in the teaser was addressed in the OP, didn't feel it was worth repeating it if you ignored it the first time. Since your post was pretty clearly referring to the "goddamn question in the goddamn opening post", kinda seemed like you read the entire sentence.

Edit: just think, could have skipped another long-winded 6 sentences if you had just posted "ah, missed that it was in the teaser, my bad". Instead, we've got a fun circle where you got your info wrong and attacked someone because you didn't read the post, then got corrected, then attacked the guy that corrected you. And don't think you were in the wrong. Yay internet!
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