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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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We can scientifically understand biological, neural and psychological processes, none of which include technology. Words which Sarek used to describe the thing do not matter. If 'souls' exist, they can be studied scientifically. There just isn't this category of magic things that do exist, but cannot be studied.
Again you place your hope in a scientific study, when it is clear the spiritual is beyond man's attempt to treat it as though it was a chemical formula.

George Lucas tried that with his "midichlorian" nonsensical explanation for the "Force" in the 1999-2005 prequels (when it was necessary to justify a spiritual/"mystcial" power in the original films), and was flooded with criticism for trying to turn his creation's most defining plot motivator (the "will" of the Force and those who employ it) for even trying to turn it into something ro be explained in a lab.

So you assume Spock do not actually transfer the Katra, that it only transfers by itself later?
You must look at the chain of filmed evidence: the more rational explanation is that he "prepped" McCoy at that moment, but the transfer was not complete, for as you say, Spock was still alive for a few minutes beyond that, but once he suffered physical death (thus any other physical hold on his soul was severed), it was only sometime after that (beginning of ST3) that Spock;s Katra--the living spirit--took enough of a hold to influence McCoy's thoughts, speech, etc.

Do you think that Organians or Thesians or Q or whatever themselves have scientific understanding of their own powers? These are clearly advanced beings, seeming god-like compared to humans, but there's nothing 'magical' about them. It is just like Picard seemed like a god to Mintakans.
Again, you make the woefully false leap to a conclusion that all is justified or explained in some scientific manner. To use your own words, your quote above is pure conjecture and not supported by on screen evidence, as the notion of the Thasians or Organians having a scientific explanation for their respective powers was not mentioned by the subjects themselves, nor by any observers.

You are allowing atheist dogma to seek answers to questions deliberately never asked. Star Trek is very clear: when something requires a scientific explanation, writers have attempted to provide said explanation, whether it is the way transporters work, or how the Genesis "torpedo" terrforms barren worlds, but the spiritual is not apporached in this manner, as such abilities/practices/beliefs are accepted for whatever they are said to be.

No, this does not inlcude device driven "superbeings" such as Apollo, Trelane, or humans genetically augmented by external forces (Gary Mitchell).

Stop saying that! She merely repeated what the Romans had said. She had to for the whole son/sun confusion to be resolved. No I am not saying that she could not have been a Christian, but that line does not come even close to being conclusive proof for it.
She was not obligated to recognize his identity/status, as she was adding her own observations about the broadcasts; she just as easily could have focused on his message of brotherly love as being the driving force of the anti-Roman movement. Someone--whether they are an atheist, or non-Christian would be more likely to employ such a clinical analysis for Christ 's status and what was happening, but she did not for a reason, no matter how much you wish the dialogue to say something else.
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