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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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If Spock dies in this film and this film is not as good as good as WOK, therre will be a backlash..
You must have whiplash from all this backlash you are so worried about.

Yeah I kind of do,

First the poster comes out and people are calling it a rip off of the dark knight even wrote an article on how it was too similar to Nolan's batman.You cant get more main stream than YAHOO and now there is a 85% chance that Nu-Spock will die.

I do strongly have faith is in JJ Abrams,he has has never done anything that has officially sucked.So yeah .

But the thing is,this film can only go in two direction good or bad. it is not attack of the clones of quantum of solace that can stay in the middle.

I am not a fan that is bitching about how this is not star trek,I will leave that too the fans at and Trek movie.

it is star trek obviously.I am just worried about the film critical and commercial success. If we want a third film we better pray that the film has both.
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