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Re: How many reset buttons?

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From Parallax.
PARIS: Engine efficiency's down another fourteen percent. If we don't get more power to the warp drive, we're all going to have to get out and push.
JANEWAY: What about alternative energy sources? Ensign Kim, have you had any luck getting power from the holodeck reactors?
KIM: Not yet. We tried hooking them to the power grid and we ended up blowing out half the relays. The holodeck's energy matrix, it just isn't compatible with the other power systems.
CHAKOTAY: Captain, if we relocate all security personnel to deck seven, we can shut down power on deck nine and reroute it to propulsion.
TUVOK: That would be inconvenient, but acceptable.
SEE an explanation was given. People always accuse VOY of not including enough explanations or reasons or excuses or throwaway lines that would clear things up.

You can reroute everything on the ship into the warp drive except the holomatrix.

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