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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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In the bonus features, so much emphasis is placed on the VHS tape of the original longer cut of Measure of a Man that Melinda Snodgrass just happened to still have decades later, as if without it, the reconstruction would not have been possible.

I don't understand the big deal. They have the shooting script, they have all the film elements. Surely they could have figured out what went where, and approximated the first cut pretty well.
A LOT happens between the script and the screen. "Approximating the first cut" is a whole lot different than getting it right. Having the shooting script is basically having a Google Maps (or worse an Apple Maps) set of directions to a location. Yeah it'll get you there.... Sort of. But it's not going to be pretty, easy, or accurate.

Having an actual, physical, set of precise directions from Point A to Point B complete with landmarks and knowledge of traffic/road conditions? Something entirely different.
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