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Re: Tribble Toy Variations

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I make my own.
Pictures, please!!!
And congrats on your promotion How's the new lounge?
Sorry, I don't have any pictures of them. They're pretty basic - fun fur, sewn by hand (I'm honestly scared of electric sewing machines!). One year my local Star Trek club made a bunch in various colors and enlisted some out-of-town and SCA friends to play a joke on our Captain (our club was organized as a ship, the U.S.S. Wynnderuner) at the summer science fiction convention. Thing is, our Captain held another position: Assistant Tribble Keeper (it's a long story, and a rather scary one, as to what became of the Chief Tribble Keeper). Throughout the weekend, people would pass him in the hotel hallway or casually bump into him at a panel... and hand him a Tribble. During the Saturday night party, he opened his drinks cooler and discovered that some Tribbles had beaten him to it. The poor things had obviously been there for quite a while, since they'd turned blue from the cold! And evidently there is a type of Tribble that enjoys the "punk" look, as it was half-blue and half-pink.

The Captain was not terribly impressed with us by the end of the weekend...

The new lounge is ghastly quiet. I posted in THREE threads so far, and nobody's even said hello yet.
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