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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

So of Marvel Now! I've picked up:

ALL NEW X-MEN - Surprisingly good. I haven't enjoyed anything from Bendis this much since the first couple of years of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (Vol 1). A keeper for now.

IRON MAN - Trust Gilliem so keeping.

INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK - Easily the best of the bunch. Keeping.

THOR - Just realized today that I stopped in the middle of issue #2 and never went back to finish. Don't like the art. Don't care about the story. Dropped.

UNCANNY AVENGERS - Enjoying so far. I like crazy super-villain Red Skull. Keeping for now.

AVENGERS - Nothing in the first issue made me want to keep reading. Dropped.

CAPTAIN AMERICA - Enjoying the tone shift toward crazy Sci-fi/fantasy. Keeping for now.
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