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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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"So, in both cases, the crystals are drained and in both cases to put energy back in them, they had to be "re-energized" with Lazarus' equipment or "re-amplified" in an Energizer on the Enterprise. To me, that follows the dictionary definition of "increasing the amount of power" in the crystals, IMO."
Looks like the scriptwriter made quite a deliberate effort to confuse the audience with t(r)echnobabble. I see your point but wonder if instead of "Energizer Room" something like "Re-Amp Chamber" would be a more suitable term. Maybe the crystals first need to be re-amplified before these can be re-energized?

Great simulation of two adjacent engine rooms! In "The Immunity Syndrome" we do not see the cathedral and I wonder if the door to this engine room (difficult to see from this "EMM" ) is there. The ladder may also be easier to access than our usual EMM ladder.

Two of my friends made a suggestion which took me two nights to sleep over but I think they got a very good point: The main sensor parabolic dish assembly will probably draw a lot of power especially if it also provides the main deflector function for the ship.
Next to the warp nacelles this is the third but biggest mechanical structure of the ship facing forward.

It could require an engine room of its own which I think would also help to add credibility to the "triumvirate matter-antimatter-reactor" concept: One engine room (and cathedral) for each of the warp nacelles' reactors at the stern of the engineering hull, one engine room for the third reactor at the bow of the engineering hull (and one dilithium crystal converter assembly for each room holding one crystal - at least that was my original speculation).

Assumption: The bow engine room is the one mostly seen in the second season (as it would enable me to keep the circular corridor accurate as seen in "The Ultimate Computer"). The dilithium crystal here is permanently in the floor casing (only removable when the reactor is off), the box on top is the "spare box" with the extra fourth crystal paddle inside.
The two (warp) engine rooms at the stern feature the slide-out cage for quick replacement of the crystal during momentarily shutdown of the corresponding reactor (the other two will take over its workload).

It's a pretty wild guess, but could help to explain engine room studio set variations ("The Ultimate Computer" vs. "Elaan of Troyius" vs. "That Which Survives"), the double Season Two engine room aboard the Exeter in "The Omega Glory" and why at one occasion the sign near the main entry says "Engineering Section", then moves to the right side on top of a red sign and yet in another episode has a sign with Scotty's name on it (unless it's spare time fun of the engineering crew to move this signs back and forth) and last but not least why the power outlet used by Computer M-5 vanished in other engine room presentations.

If we assume that Scotty gave the order "engine rooms, cycling station"
(audible on intercom) from the "Engineering Control Room" in the saucer in "The Naked Time", the existence of multiple engine rooms is less a subject of speculation but conclusion.

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