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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Amazing Spider-Man #700 is extra sized indeed. 104 pages I believe.
104 real pages?

Or 30 pages of new material and 64 pages of classic reprints?

There was a point in the Avengers during the 80s (near issue #200) when after a team up to stop something huge, most of the reserve Avengers and friends of the team didn't wander off so quickly and we were looking at a team of 20 Avengers, but Henry Peter Gyrich stormed into the mansion screaming about limitations of arms and that they had to cut the team down to 6 members so that the local government wouldn't get the willies about a coup d'etat. He also stopped the Quinjets from leaving from the middle of the city because they were giving the pigeons panic attacks.

When beast dies.

very soon.

When beast dies.

Henry Peter Gyrich is going to piss on his grave.

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