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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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1) So you're calling people liars now? I can make out the damned backwards NCC on the saucer when they run it on reverse angle. At ten feet, I have no issues making out the menu details including the episode titles.

2) You and your friends have some shitty vision if you can't make it out or your sitting a hell of a lot farther away from the TV than three meters. It's one or the other...
1) Ok Liars or having above average eye sight.

2) Sorry, but anyone who finds it normal to have these small menu on a otherwise EMPTY screen does either just not care about this bad menu design or is misleading people on purpose about it.
Or, as you seem to be the only person I've seen complain about it (relentlessly), maybe the issue is with you. Calling others liars is rather immature. Really, WHY would someone lie about this?

I've seen a graph somewhere on the web that highlights the best viewing distances, depending on the size of your screen. I can't remember, but I think 3 meters is a bit too far for a 32" screen. I'm that far from my 42".
What the heck...if people are strongly and repeatedly criticizing that in "this shot the red is not red enough" etc., I will take the time to state again, that the menu design is just ridiculous (ly stupid) by leaving most of the screen empty and making the menu text so small that a big part of (average eye sighted) viewers may have difficulties to read it. This is a basic mistake (to me) less forgivable than a (slightly) wrong mixture of colors.
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