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Re: Did Baltar know Ellen Tigh was a cylon?

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I know there might be a rule saying enough time has passed.. but perhaps just out of courtesy?
If they are coming here, they have to expect to run into spoilers either directly or indirectly. The series has been over for years now, and people don't have to wait weeks or even months to continue watching the show.

People shouldn't have to keep stifling themselves just in the very unlikely and off-chance that someone might see something that's considered a spoiler, especially when that will only occur when they're knowingly and willingly going into a spoiler-laden environment.
How is someone supposed to do a "First Time Watch" thread, without going into the Forum for BSG? First Time Watch Threads are as beneficial for those of us who've seen the show as they are for somone sharing their experience.

1. The Forum is pretty dead aside from The B&C Thread(s)
2. Folks who've seen the show enjoy seeing new perspectives

Is it really too much to ask that huge Spoilers like this not be blasted out in the thread titles, and contain a Spoiler warning in the title? Why the attitude as if your Free Speech Rigts have been violated when someone asks for a little courtesy?
When does it stop?

Are you not allowed to make a thread entitled "Was Darth Vader really Luke's son?" After all someone, somewhere has never seen Empire Strikes Back. How about when people are discussing a war movie and starts a thread "What if Hitler had won WWII?" That's a spoiler for anyone who didn't pay attention in history class. Is that worth screaming and whining about a lack of courtesy, too? In fact, any thing you can think of, I guarantee there's someone, somewhere who's painfully ignorant about it. So by virtue of that, maybe we shouldn't have titles at all.

Whaa, 'All Along the Watchtower?!?' OMG, stop spoiling the song BSG used, I haven't seen it yet!!! And what what WHAT?! There was a Law & Order reference in a Futurama episode?! But I haven't see it yet, why you gotta spoil it for me?!?!?!

That said, I'd simply like to know when that expiration date is so as to avoid having to see you people crying about it even when it has absolutely zero bearing on you whatsoever. (Nevermind that there is already a well-defined, clearly labeled, repeatedly stated rule in place for determining it already on this forum.)
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