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Re: SOTL 2013 - Last one?!?

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Not to throw water on the fire, but this doesn't surprise me. I've thought for years that the art in the calendars was not up to snuff - technically, it may have been great, but it didn't seem very exciting. On top of that, the landscape format is pretty useless, and almost impossible to hang right.

Having watched this forum over the years, and all the, frankly, brilliant stuff that has appeared here, I've always thought there had to be better choices to be made in what art was chosen, and how, for the calendars, and as far as their format, it probably would've been much better to just stick with 12" artwork, so the calendar could hang like any other.
I have to agree. What really irked me with these calendars and other artwork tie-ins was that TPTB seemed to think that we all love seeing the Excelsior, Reliant and Klingon Bird of Prey ad nauseum. Those ships are 30 years old! How about a calendar devoted to the little-seen ships of Trek, like the BoBW kitbashes, or how about coming up with some original designs for the conjectural classes from the Encyclopedia? The calendars with Mark Rademaker's new ship, Drexler's Enterprise-J, and Andrew Probert's original Ambassador design were terrific...why not have more of that kind of thing?

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It's such a shame, because SOTL endorsed several fan designs, bumping their status up from fanon to semi-canon!
There's really no such thing as "semi-canon." Either it's canon or it isn't. And although it was cool that some fans got to showcase their designs, it's really no different than some new ship design in a comic book as far as how official it is.
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