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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Avengers 1 was entertaining. Strong start for Hickman.

All-New X-Men 3-- Oh my. Last issue was so good. What happened here? If this is a preview for what the new Uncanny will be like, I just might opt out. As with the first issue, not nearly enough time spent (as in virtually none) with the O5.

Iron Man 3-- As with the first two issues-- just OK. Gillen has said that unlike his Uncanny X-Men and Journey into Mystery runs, where he knew exactly how they were going to end before writing word one, he has no idea where his Iron Man run will take him. For that reason, I am willing to stick with his Iron Man until he finds his direction, but he needs to find it soon.

Hawkeye 5 was a lot of fun. Quite possibly my new favorite book.
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