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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

My issue with The Q And The Grey wasn't the civil war motif, I enjoyed that. But it didn't make sense to me that the crew could hold Q hostage just because they were holding Q weapons.

I remember my first time watching Voyager. It was when it first aired. I started watching TNG very close to the end of the run, by that time I had seen most of it via syndication. I watched one episode of DS9 and that was The Circle, at the time I was 12 and wanting another TNG so I didn't connect with it at all. I was hungry for more TNG and feeling I missed out on following it week to week. Caretaker was exactly what I wanted and I felt it was the greatest thing ever. It was TNG 2, and I had no idea the show was going to be in the Delta quadrant, I thought it'd be just another ship show. I was really excited about Voyager back then.
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