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Re: Fantasy Casting - Companions for 11 Doctors

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Four - Romana II
Methinks this one would remain a fantasy... From what I understand, their divorce was anything but amicable. Perhaps things have changed... but...
Yeah, I know, but one can still dream? Hell, I'm still hoping Big Finish will manage to bring them together. Apparently, Lalla Ward said in a BF interview a few years ago that she was open to it (so says many people in the audio forum at GallifreyBase).
Heck, if it's audio, it isn't, strictly speaking, necessary for them to be in the same room together, is it?

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I have to say that I really like that. Plus it would give Rory the chance to shine just a little more since I feel that Rory was always overshadowed by Amy.
I always felt like the great missed opportunity of Seasons 6 & 7 was that they almost never mentioned Rory's time as the Lone Centurion. I mean, it got mentioned briefly in "Day of the Moon," "The Doctor's Wife," "A Good Man Goes to War," & the "Good Night" short. But they never really seemed to appreciate the fact that Rory is now twice as old as the Doctor! I think, at the very least, there should have been a moment or two where Rory's long-lived experience of history would come in handy. (Then the Doctor, feeling a bit showed up & jealous, would dismiss Rory's insights because those all came from an alternate universe where stars never existed.)
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