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Re: 2012 Adventure Calendar

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YouTube link for the second Dalek video (because I can never remember how to embed videos).

Interesting insight from Steven that Daleks have slowly gotten bigger and bigger model design and they're scarier when they're smaller. And yet, he's just as guilty of this: "Victory of the Daleks."
Yeah. It's really weird that he'd say that considering the New Paradigm design that everyone hated from "Victory of the Daleks."

Now, when the Daleks were built slightly taller in the Eccleston/Tennant years, they at least had a very specific reason for it. It wasn't to make them scarier. It was just to put them at eye-level with Rose for her scenes with it in "Dalek."

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Looking through the gallery, I have to say it's really cool to see The Doctor in the period costume (complete with dodgy stovepipe hat!), especially having recently watched the entirety of Downton Abbey for the first time.
Didn't Patrick Troughton wear a dodgy stovepipe hat in some of his earliest appearances? The transformation is nearly complete.
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