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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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"Re-amplification" suggests a restoration of original properties / capabilities of the crystals opposite to "re-energise" or "recharge", IMHO.
The thing is that if it were a "restoration of original properties / capabilities then the dialogue would've went like this:
MASTERS: Captain, the crystals have deteriorated. They can't hold a full charge anymore.
KIRK: That's not good. Go re-amplify them immediately.
Instead, Kirk's "re-amplification" sounds more closer to the dictionary definition of to "increase the strength or amount of" (again) as in "increase the amount of energy again".
MASTERS: Whatever that phenomenon was, it drained almost all of our crystals completely. It could mean trouble.
KIRK: You have a talent for understatement, Lieutenant. Without full crystal power, our orbit will begin to decay in ten hours. Re-amplify immediately.
Interestingly, when those same crystals got drained again. Lazarus uses terminology we're more familiar with, such as "re-energize" to recharge the crystal to full power.
LAZARUS: That's very bad, Captain. If he comes through at a time of his own choosing. But I think if we hurry and you will help me, he can yet still be stopped. There's little time left. He meant to come through. When you accidentally passed through, it drained his crystals. It'll take him about ten minutes to re-energize with the equipment aboard his ship. That should give us enough time.
So, in both cases, the crystals are drained and in both cases to put energy back in them, they had to be "re-energized" with Lazarus' equipment or "re-amplified" in an Energizer on the Enterprise. To me, that follows the dictionary definition of "increasing the amount of power" in the crystals, IMO.
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