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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

Luisiana Jones wrote: View Post
What do u have against Bendis, he did an awesome job in Daredevil imo
Daredevil was indeed great work. I'm also willing to give him credit for what little I've read of Ultimate Spider-Man (both the Peter Parker and Miles Morales eras) and Powers. I also enjoyed Spider-Men and am currently enjoying All-New X-Men. I've heard many good things about Alias but have never read any of it. When I was reading Avengers and New Avengers (and Mighty Avengers, for that matter), his work was downright terrible, as was his attempt to write a Halo comic. The Halo effort was so bad that I stopped reading after two issues.

Even in the Bendis works that I have enjoyed (and note that "enjoy" is a different, lower quality from my opinion on his Daredevil run), he has too many idiosyncratic quirks that drive me absolutely insane. His constant insistence on using three exclamation marks, for example, is annoying, as his constant tendency to take up an entire page with a character saying variations on things like "You did not!!!" or "Do not!!!" with the "new" word bubbles sometimes putting the emphasis on a different word than in past ones.

Drago-Kazov wrote: View Post
I could imagine that not happeneing. Dark Horse has a smooth working realtionship with them. Why give it up? If Bendis wants to do SW, why could not he do that at Dark Horse?
I hope that Disney would be willing to let the SW comics license remain with Dark Horse. DH has been doing SW for so long that it's difficult to imagine any other company doing it remotely as well. DH + SW has become an institution from which one can almost always expect quality output.

However, it may make more sense to the people at Disney to "synergize" (or whatever the new "buzz" term) is by moving the SW comics license to Marvel. Look at how quickly, for example, various Disney comics moved from BOOM! Studios to Marvel after the latter was acquired by Disney. It's a very real possibility, and while it's certainly possible that Marvel could put out quality SW books as well, there is what feels like an entirely different corporate mindset and approach to comics publishing at Marvel than at Dark Horse. And there's no way Marvel wouldn't immediately want to put its biggest writers and artists on an SW book, even if their voices and artistic tendencies wouldn't fit the universe.

I would also be very concerned that there would not be room for DH SW regulars such as John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, and John Jackson Miller (to name but a few examples that spring immediately to mind). Why, after all, would Marvel want to hire them to write SW titles when they have their own people?

Hanukkah Solo wrote: View Post
Not to mention the inevitable Wolverine and Spider-Man appearances.
Spider-Man is one of my two favorite superheroes of all time, but I think this thought is going to give me nightmares tonight.
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