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Re: VOTE | Enterprise Avatar Contest: Harbinger


No, wait, that's all the feet.

Florida has spoken!

The slashtastic Episode win goes to ... Lurok, for

Second goes to Miss Lemon

A round of applause for the winners of the hands theme. It's a tie, between Hopeful Romantic

and Praetor_Shinzon!

We had a three way tie for second, with Miss Lemon,



The random theme of feet was won by Lurok
(it was not a walk)
Second went to Hopeful Romantic

The next contest runner will be Lurok. The theme will be chosen by Hopeful Romantic and Praetor_Shinzon. I understand it will be dueling tribbles at dawn. Random goodness will be served up by Lurok.

Thank you, thank you verra much, and please remember to tip your waitresses. Try the veal!
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