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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

Stop saying that!
Why? Uhura doesn't say "They insinuate the he's the son of God." Or, "These moronic primitives think this carpenter is the son of God."

Uhura says: " It is the Son of God."

She merely repeated what the Romans had said.
How can you possibly know what the Roman government spokesman said on the radio?

She had to for the whole son/sun confusion to be resolved.
Why clarify it? They could have just left them "Sun Worshipers."

No I am not saying that she could not have been a Christian, but that line does not come even close to being conclusive proof for it.
But beyond mere words, there is vocal inflection and also facial expression. Uhura's voice held the same joy and wonder my own does when I speak of God. As did her smiling face. Most TOS episodes are available on YouTube, should you wish to view the scene for conclusive proof. Empirical evidence.

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