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Re: Best and worst examples of diplomacy in Star Trek

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The Dominion War really was the result of a first-contact gone horribly wrong, IMO.
To be fair, the Dominion's idea of first contact seems to be conquer a new species, ask questions later.
And the Federation's response was to sneak a warship into their territory on a mission of cowboy diplomacy. That didn't make the Founders' view of the Federation any better.
I don't think that anything would've made them view the Federation positively, considering the fact that they've had a few thousand years of circle-linking that reinforced their anti-solid biases. Hell, it took Section 31's bioweapon to bring them to the negotiating table.

Besides, the Dominion killed all those settlers on New Bajor before they kidnapped Sisko and Quark and blew up the Odyssey. All the blame for the war falls squarely on them.
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