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Re: Title for episode 33.10 (or 7.10) - maybe a Spoiler

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I've said this before...want I reeeeaaaallly want to see is a greenscreen scene where the Doctor and Clara are crossing a bridge like the one they used for the Great Machine on Epsilon 5 in B5. Clara remarks to the Doctor about the vastness of the interior, and he turns around and says something like "If you think that's cool, watch this.": He pulls out a coin and drops a coin into the chasm. We see it disappear. "What's so special about that?" asks Clara. "Wait for it..." He holds out his hand, and the coin falls into his hand from above." He smiles, and turns away and crosses the bridge.
Or better yet, he drops the coin at the beginning of the episode, they go on their adventure, returns to that spot at the end of episode and then catches the coin.

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^ Preferably one from the Classic era rather than the 9/10 one again, though I will admit seeing that one again in TDW was pretty cool.
Yea, I'd love to see the Classic White Console Room again
Or Tom's Victorian console room.
I would love to see either of those console rooms again, although Tom's Victorian console room no longer exists.
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