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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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We made a test:

- A 23 old girl with laser corrected eye sight.
- A 33 old women not needing eye correction (says a recent vision test)
- A 40 old guy wearing glasses
Important is not the age, important is the sensitivity of the retina center. I for example have 130% sharpness there, thus can see much details even in long distance. I dont need a big screen TV to see details in a picture even some meters away.

Autistic persons even have a much sharper visiblitiy - they can see details 20 meter away, which normal people could only see in 7 meters distance. They probably would see every detail on a 19" flatscreen, where others need a 40" TV.
Maybe you noticed that age was just ONE parameter. I thought that the menu should be COMFORTABLY readable to every average person (with average eyesight and average equipment). The point is that the (menu) designers did NOT think in that (average/normal) dimension. Big fail. But Ok why complain on such a simple thing like (too small) text size (on a otherwise empty screen) when there are "grainy" issues to discuss.
Modifying the text size to being well adapted is surely too difficult and too much to ask for. I am sorry I feel so hard about it, but for me it's like developping a new (better) car engine but forgetting to put on the fourth weel. It's just ridiculous.
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