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Re: Woman shot following Walking Dead argument

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This is one of those situations where it has to be a lot deeper than just a TV show. That a journalist tries to pick something sensational for people to latch onto is nothing new.
Thank GOD! Someone with intelligence.

It's amazing it wasn't the Walking Dead video game then they could kill two birds with one stone, you know the old "Video games breed violent people AND Video games are training simulators for people to go on shooting sprees and all that other nonsense.

Bottom line these people are not right to begin with, it could have just as easily been over who drank the last bit of the milk and done with a baseball bat.

GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE!! People kill people.

It doesn't matter if you have a gun or not, if you are so sick that you are going to snap and kill someone a fork out of the dishwasher will do.

I play violent video games practically every day and I watch tons of shoot em' ups, I also have a concealed weapons permit (had it 15 + years now ) I have a Gun in my truck and several in my house and I would never, EVER think of pulling it unless me or mine were directly threatened and I had not other choice but to do so.
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