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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Personally I consider the Q and the Grey to be one of the worst Q episodes out there. Sure John de Lancie is brilliantly entertaining as always, and definitely brings the best out of the material that's there, but it really was fundamentally lacking.

Really the concept of Q trying to force himself on Janeway... is just dumb and doesn't make sense at all. They're in a civil war, apparently because Q took up Quinn's pro-suicide banner and... the Q want to kill him now.. okay. That's dubious enough on it's own, especially when there is precedent to just exile people for this kind of crap.

So Q one ups blatantly trying to seduce Janeway as chauvinistically as possible, by kidnapping her and bringing her to Qland in the classic damsel in distress role. Then Susie Q flies them into a super nova because that... whatever... they get civil war guns, but they're really Q guns and kill everyone. Susie Q and Q have a baby and that makes everyone happy...


Really the Q have been reduced at this point to a cheesy dysfunctional sitcom family now and it gets even worse in their next episode.
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