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Re: Why was the 2-foot model built?

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It's the same reason ILM built an off-the-shelf AMT Enterprise model for the movies - the 6-footer just doesn't look right when scaled down.

Unfortunately, the effects team got tired of the 6-footer, so they used the 2-footer inappropriately during season 2. I don't think the janky-looking deflector was ever meant to be shown close-up. Between the 2 and 4, using the 4 going forward was the lesser of two evils. Thank goodness the 6-footer got to be used one last time in Generations (not counting BOBW).

BTW, if you are curious, the AMT Refit Enterprise was used in these shots:

And here it is at auction:

I notice in The Schizoid Man in HD, the ship warps away from Graves' World still using the 6-foot model. The scaling gets pretty bad when it zooms away. Odd choice.

Also interesting that the 2-footer disappeared without a trace. I wonder if it will ever turn up. I saw the 4-foot model up close at a Star Trek exhibit. It looks awful. It still has scars from the All Good Things modifications.
Wow, never realized they used the AMT model kit in the movies before (they sure made it look better than the crappy silver one I built as a kid!).

And yeah, it didn't really stand out much before, but in HD it's painfully clear that the 2-footer was relied on WAY too much in the second season.
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