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Re: Starship water landing

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Is this thread title a spoiler? Seriously?
The title isn't, but the goddamn question in the goddamn opening post is.
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Only if you assume that you're going to remain so spoiler-free that you won't even seen the teaser trailers. And won't be going to any movies between now and next summer (because it's been mentioned that this scene WASN'T pulled from some spoiler chat, but from the teaser trailer).

Of course, if that's the case, is NOT a safe place for you to be until the movie comes out.

If all that's valid, this may be considered a minor spoiler.

Since you're not going to close your account here, may end up in a movie theater between now and summer, and will see the trailer (and likely several follow-up trailers) before the movie, i don't see the harm here. Back down on the outrage. Hell, there's even someone with an image of this water landing as their avatar already...
Thanks for addressing this Scout101. I didn't know spoiler rules applied to teaser trailers. Should I not talk about the poster either? The scene in question will be an iconic moment, and it's one that JJ and Co. are clearly eager for everyone to know about. Only 18 hours or so to go...
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