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I especially enjoyed Space Race because it was such a change from the planets they normally visiit, which range from medieval villages downwards. Even Tollana felt like a very advanced, high-tech medieval village. It had different clothes and different sets that looked advanced, but it lacked that sense of fun and dynamism that we associate with a modern society. It felt almost like a cloistered research campus or corporate headquarters. I imagine the special effects and set design would be a major problem, but visiting planets that resemble Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Total Recall, and such would be a refreshing and eye-popping change.
Yes completely agree. The tension between the brothers (and great acting from Currie), references to Warwick's wife whose photo he was pining over when we first met him having remarried and had kids, the simple inclusion of ADVERTISING (I think we didn't get advertising in Trek until Quark!).. it all made for the "fun and dynamism" as you say.

The high tech coldness of Tollana gives it a weird cult vibe LOL. It's such sci fi nonsense that once people are hugely advanced they will want less and less material goods and distractions from important work. A glance round our century compared to 500 years ago should show how silly this is.

We need more Blade Runner cities and Coruscant planets! And yeah, it costs.. that's one thing I always loved about Firefly, the densely colorful and diverse streets and interiors on the high population planets.

Tollana.. where everyone has exactly the same taste in everything

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