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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

On board the TARDIS

Jack wanted to know what the hell was going on with the Doctor. One minute he was on target with the returning Nathan to life bit, the next he was almost panicking. He knew about River from his time in the Time Agency. He knew exactly who she was. He served as a Justice Coordinator aboard a Tesselector a few times – not permanently, but enough to know that she was wanted by them. And that she had murdered the Doctor and served in Stormcage. Now she was free from that, but he still wanted to know what happened to the Doctor to make him flip out like this.

“Doctor, a moment of your time, if you please?”

The Doctor stares at Jack as if he’d grown a second head and then comes back to reality.

“Oh, yes. Yes, of course. River, we were on a mission at the moment. Care to share what you know?”

“Well, from what I can tell, the Iconnu are attempting to destroy the world, allowing them to exist here in some form. A lot of the signals I’m getting suggest that they are awakening some rather nasty creatures – The Great Old Ones for instance, and even some Elder Gods. It all stems from here however.”

“From Earth?”

“Not just Earth, from Midwestern America.”

Coyote Sands Arizona

February 14, 2010

Gabriel Gray was very concerned. He knew the Government was after him, but he did not know what to do. Tracey Strauss was also worried. She too was on the Most Wanted List. Jail or Run. She had been on the run for many months now. She and Gabriel had a lot in common.

“We just made it out safely,” says Gabriel. “Those Winchester Boys got picked up yesterday. The FBI was the ones to get them.”

“I have contacts in DC, perhaps I should find out more about them?”

“We are in danger here, Tracey. Our fellow Specials could turn us in at a moment’s notice.”

“So what do we do? My powers are growing, and yours are through the roof.”

“I think we should find out more. Information is vital to our survival now."

“I will make some calls.”

Claire Bennet was feeling dislocated. All she knew was gone. Her friends went home; her mom and dad were busy. Her brother was not even acknowledging her, and no one was able to figure out what was so important about Nathan being resurrected. She remembered his military funeral and that the casket they buried was not Nathan Petrelli but an empty one. They told everyone that his body was burned to ash in the plane crash, but now they wanted to make it look like it crashed and he survived. How can they do that? Lyle came up behind her and gave her a hug. Maybe, she thought, I am not the only one feeling like this.

Noah Bennet was talking to Angela Petrelli. Together they were working on some details of the return of Nathan.

“So with all of the pomp and circumstance from the funeral, we still have to make it look like he is still alive somewhere? This could get sticky but I may have a plan.”

“Do you care to elaborate?”

“Not just yet. We may need some outside help. I have a guy but it’s a long shot now. Ever since yesterday, I mean.”


“One of the men in the raid on the diner was my contact – Bobby Singer. I let him know about Coyote Sands. I just have to get a message to him.”

“Do you have a picture?”

“Will a newspaper clipping do?”

“Yes, this will do nicely. Leave this to me, Noah.”


“Doctor, what are the Iconnu? When she mentioned them, you looked like you nearly had a panic attack,” asks Peter.

“The Iconnu are a race of ancient evil beings. They were from the Dark Times. They are disembodied spirits capable of possessing the living and are commonly referred to as Demons, Devils, Daemons, Qlippoth, or Cthulhoids. They were sent into a realm of unreality called the Far Realms and they exist only to spread chaos and evil. All the stories that you have heard about demonic possession involve these creatures.”

“Who sent them to that realm?”

“A race of beings called Avangions, or if you like, Angels. They are a race of relatively benevolent peoples also without form. But they take on vessels at the vessel’s agreement. Demonic possession is done without consent,” replies River.

“The point is that something very bad is going on, and it started in the Midwestern United States, so since our mission to help resurrect Nathan is in Virginia, perhaps we should start there and move west.”

“Virginia is not where the events are happening. Ever since 1989, and again in 2005 a series of meteor strikes hit a rural area of Kansas. Since then, there have been numerous accounts of mutated humans causing all kinds of havoc. So if we want to find out about this? There are a number of places we could go to, but one of them stands out – Smallville.”

Time of Judgment Part 3
Judgment Day
Phoenix Federal Building

Sam, Dean and Bobby were led to the court room with Allison, Pete and Nick. Nick had recovered from his visitation with Castiel and they were setting the bail and hearing date. In attendance were Special Agent Colonel Phillip Broyles and Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. The judge asked what the men thought about having a federal escort at all times, until the hearing date, which would be set in Washington DC. The Agents in Charge agreed, so the judge made sure that since it was a joint task-force which brought them in, it would be from those ranks.

Peter Bishop asked to approach the bench with Olivia in tow. The judge agreed. “Your Honor, I know that I am a consultant to the Fringe Division, but I would like the opportunity to assist on this case. I know how to use a firearm, and I am sure that I can make sure that they get to the trial on time.”

“What about your cases? I mean, can it be said that you are invaluable to the solving of these cases. All of you are.”

“Well that may be, your honor, but these men would pose less of a threat if I was there to supervise them. I mean that I am just a phone call away from either inter-agency group.”

Colonel Phillip Broyles spoke up. “I am willing to put Fringe Division on hold until this issue is resolved.”

“In that case, Agent Hotchner, it’s your call.”

“I would be willing to allow a few of my agents to work on this case – Agent Rossi, Agent Reid and Agent Morgan. They will be on call. Our other cases will take precedence.”

“In that case,” states Broyles, “I will assign Agent Farnsworth and Agent Dunham. Doctor Bishop and Peter Bishop will continue in their consolatory capacity.”

“Then I will schedule the hearing for trial on March 23, 2010. Court is adjourned.”

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