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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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The "details" as you put it are not on screen because it was not meant to be a scientific process to any degree. It is purely spiritual/religous. The Katra was plainly defined--on screen--as a "living spirit," nothing else, and it is a natural spiritiual/religous process where the dying individual can pass this spirit to a host (McCoy in this case). Moreover, the restoration of the Katra to Spock's regenerated, mindless body was by the same process devoid of technology as an influence, conduit, etc.
We can scientifically understand biological, neural and psychological processes, none of which include technology. Words which Sarek used to describe the thing do not matter. If 'souls' exist, they can be studied scientifically. There just isn't this category of magic things that do exist, but cannot be studied.

He had no ability to think or reason--he had no identity whatsoever.
Yeah, just like a newborn!

Touching McCoy made the doctor's mind receptive to receiving the Katra. If you notice, the Katra's visible influence would not occur until Spock's physical death.
So you assume Spock do not actually transfer the Katra, that it only transfers by itself later? That is just not backed up by what is said and what happens in the movie. What you say is pure speculation.

Then you have missed much of ST. Charles Evans was granted powers by the Thasians, but there was no science behind it. The Organians' abilites are never defined as being a product of science, and there would never be a "do not yet understand," to their comprehension of said abilities, as it cannot be defined scientifcally.
Do you think that Organians or Thesians or Q or whatever themselves have scientific understanding of their own powers? These are clearly advanced beings, seeming god-like compared to humans, but there's nothing 'magical' about them. It is just like Picard seemed like a god to Mintakans.

You conveniently skip over the rest: she acknowledged his status; logically, non-Christians or atheists do not attribute such a status (in a matter of fact manner) to one they do not believe in.
Stop saying that! She merely repeated what the Romans had said. She had to for the whole son/sun confusion to be resolved. No I am not saying that she could not have been a Christian, but that line does not come even close to being conclusive proof for it.

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