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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The Q and the Grey

Q shows up in Janeway’s room in a cheesy red robe with red satin-heart-shaped-bed! Love it that he called her Kathy, and changed her clothes into a satin night-gown. Q has chosen Janeway to be the mother of his child? What a great opening teaser! Several great lines!

Q takes Janeway’s denial of his lust as her playing hard ball. When Janeway reports Q’s presence on the ship to Chakotay he almost looked jealous, especially when she told him about the “personal request”. Q bugs Paris and Kim for help on pursuing Janeway. (I love it that there was a guy in a “banana hammock” in the background when Q went into the holodeck program to get love advice on Kathy)! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Janeway has a new puppy! (My first thought, please don’t send the puppy away)! Why couldn’t she have kept the little guy, and spurned Q at the same time? The she-Q comes aboard and accuses Q of infidelity, or something like that. Lady Q accuses Mr. Q of being a 2-timing toad! Love it!

Q takes Janeway off the bridge into a “Civil War-ish-era” in full costume and setting! So awesome! What Q really wants is to end the Civil War by mating with Janeway. He thinks that mating will bring a new breed of Q, and an infusion of new blood/humanity. While I find this episode absolutely hysterical the premise is a bit off. Couldn’t Q just take Janeway’s DNA and make them a baby without Janeway really having to “do” anything? Also, wouldn’t Janeway want to take him up on his offer it was going to end the Q’s Civil War.? All she needs to agree to; is to be an egg donor. She could send her whole ship home; all for a little DNA. Her whole ships benefit or her pride? Why not at least bargain with him to see if another female on the ship would be willing to donate her DNA?

On a side note, I like the actor that plays “Q”, but I don’t think Q should have grey hair, and since he is this omnipotent shouldn’t he be better looking?

I have to say, I had high hopes for this episode. I really enjoy Q! I was not let down! There were some great one-liners and the dialogue between Q and Janeway was fantastic! However, the whole premise is a bit off. Q didn’t need to mate with Janeway. If he really thought a new line of Q’s would solve the conflict all he had to do was get someone to be a DNA donor. Couldn’t he just snap his fingers and make the baby? I feel like a line about just needing human DNA would have solved the plot holes.

Favorite part: Q: “Is it the tattoo? Cause mine is bigger!!” All the 1-liners were excellent; I laughed so hard!

Least favorite part: Why didn’t Janeway go for it, or at least bargain and ask if any other female on the ship would donate her DNA to send the whole ship home. Also, if the Q powers were not working how did the crew and female Q change into costume?
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