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Re: Episode of the Week: Coming of Age

A better episode than synopses make it sound, probably helped by some strong direction by Mike Vejar (why was it so long before he was used again?).

But the script does avoid the biggest potential pitfall by writing Wesley in a generally solid fashion and Will Wheaton again showing what he can do when given something that doesn't make you want to punch him. All super genius stuff aside, he just feels like a teen applying for uni here.

It is however the first episode to highlight the hoops the series will have to jump through in order for the character to stay on the series when Boy Genius would should really have no trouble whatsoever getting into Star Fleet. The selection process feels insanely OTT when all the candidates look better fits for the uniform than several characters we'll see over the years.

The other plot feels nice and different for the series, and shows Riker really can't cope well with others coming in and mucking about with the way he likes to do something (which will become important in Chains of Command, and in retrospect can even be seen as present in the gurning he does when Picard asked him to do something unexpected back in Farpoint. He's not actually that adaptable to new ways of working).
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