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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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That's certainly an interesting way of looking at things. It still doesn't improve His Way much, though.
No, not much. Maybe a little, from the perspective of Odo's character arc overall, though.

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Then Kai Winn goes rogue and decides to stop the Reckoning from happening. Why does she decide to stop the Reckoning?
I think this one can be answered: it's because she is jealous that Kira was chosen by the Prophet instead of her.

For the rest: it's a bit like someone was nervous that DS9 had lost or was going to lose its moral compass, so, alongside episodes like ITPM, there are ones like The Reckoning and the end of Waltz, where there is an effort to have a simplistic light/dark, good/evil conflict happening amid the murkier war stories.

It's not necessarily a horrible idea, I don't think, but the writers never hit the right note with the Pah-Wraith, so it never really works.

One way to look at this episode is to see it as a sketch for how the Emissary/Prophets storyline might have ended if the show had not gone on to a seventh season (as I recall, there was some doubt about that), i.e. there was supposed to be a "Reckoning" at this point, but instead it was averted and now the ending is uncertain.

The two-parter at the beginning of season 7 also picks up on this, with the Pah-Wraith trying to prevent Benny from "finishing the story," etc.
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