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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I think Neil did say that as well... but nevertheless, people are human and mistakes can happen.

Paramount supposedly released the original unedited episodes on RCA CED (10 episodes), LaserDisc, VHS, Betamax, DVD, and Blu-Ray -- we are all aware that every single release has had some issues with missing footage, music, and sound effects. Remember the missing scene from The Tholian Web on the 2 episode DVD's? The music replacement on Pt 2 of The Menagerie? The missing music cue from The Doomsday Machine?

I have for years asked why the commercial bumpers were never included in the video releases - I got everything from we don't own the rights to the masters were unavailable (and a coupon good on my next purchase! LOL). On several of the video releases you could see the faint outline of the bumpers where they were edited out after the act fade out... yes, edited from a supposedly complete and uncut episode.
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