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Re: Woman shot following Walking Dead argument

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i think getting rid of guns would have to help. i mean it must take a bit more effort to go up to someone and physically attack them with the chance they could defend themselves, grapple your weapon off you, etc compared to pulling a trigger.

i know if someones determined to kill they still will, but there'd be a lot less innocent victims with driveby knifings or self-inflicted woundings from forgetting the safety on your baseball bat.

and i hadnt seen stats for those other countries, just v responsible european ones. so oops i concede that point.

Assuming you're right that doesn't change:

1. You cannot un-ring the bell - approx 350 million firearms exist in the US today and many of the owners of those won't let you take them out of their cold dead hands.

2. The US constitution will never be modified to limit/eliminate gun ownership.

3. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and limiting / banning owership would never stop criminals from getting a gun.
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