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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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And isn't the bombing on MI6, the attack during the hearing, and M's death (head of British intelligence) just one huge clusterfuck for the UK in the Bond universe? Wouldn't the mood in the nation be a mess?
Not more so than the existence of an international terrorist/business/political called Quantum, which it seems we may never hear about again. (Not that I mind. That whole weak-sauce SPECTRE update was a bad idea to begin with.)

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Professional arrogance.. he's one of the best IT specialists in the world and works for MI6.. surely no one can invade or crack his system!
Exactly, it's the arrogance of the man who thinks he's the smartest man in the room. It's still a bit daft but that does go part way to explaining it.
Except Silva already has broken through M16's firewalls, when he created the explosion that killed six people. Firewalls that, since Q seems to be the top tech dog around, he probably had a hand in setting up/maintaining.

So here he is, opening his network to a second attack for no reason whatsoever, and there Bond is, too stupid to tell him off for it. Anyone who says that Skyfall makes any more sense than Prometheus, with its scaredy-cat scientist eager to caress a "beautiful" evil snake, is kidding themselves. IMHO.
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