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Yep. In fact, remember that after the Generations poster of Kirk and Picard was first released in the summer or fall of 1994 how a lot of of other film posters started employing a similar "look" of half-shaded, large faces peering out from the background while in the foreground a lot of things and details were often happening.

I don't know for sure if Generations' famous twin-face poster started that trend but it sure seemed as if beginning in 1995 and continuing through the remainder of the nineties that an awful lot of movie posters both teaser and full release started using the "half-shaded faces of the actors looking out at you" theme. It's possible the whole idea started before the Trek film was ever made and released. The Hunt for Red October had a poster with Sean Connery's face looking out at you in a similar fashion but it didn't seem to be the norm or a recurring thing until after Generations.

And, of course, there was Star Trek V's poster with Kirk and Spock and Sybok's followers galloping towards the viewer at the bottom.
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