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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

I especially enjoyed Space Race because it was such a change from the planets they normally visiit, which range from medieval villages downwards. Even Tollana felt like a very advanced, high-tech medieval village. It had different clothes and different sets that looked advanced, but it lacked that sense of fun and dynamism that we associate with a modern society. It felt almost like a cloistered research campus or corporate headquarters. I imagine the special effects and set design would be a major problem, but visiting planets that resemble Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Total Recall, and such would be a refreshing and eye-popping change.

We're used to seeing our advanced representatives vitsit primitive planets with simple cultures, instead of occassionally having our team of bumpkins from a mid-western Air Force Base gating into what looks like Times Square, Tokyo, or LA in the year 2150, where the storyline is like having four inappropriately dressed tourists from Iowa getting off a plane at LAX and thinking they're going to accomplish something, meet someone important, or get someone in the mayor's office to recognize the importance of relations with the Cedar Rapids' chamber of commerce.
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