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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise battle

It doesn't make or break the episode - but to me I've always felt that final shot just before the timeline corrects itself lacked all the kinetic energy that sequence had built up until that point - the shot just before it of Picard frantically pushing the buttons at tactical with fire all around him is far more energetic than the shot immediately after, of the Enterprise-D's "last stand".

The two split second phaser shots we got were laughable in the face of the Klingon's assault. The Enterprise still had power - why not show a barrage of phaser fire coming from all over the ship from its various emitters? I don't want a photon/quantum/tricobolt torpedo/device orgy with the camera doing summersaults in time to requiem for a dream - just more urgency in the rate/amount of phaser fire coming from the Enterprise. From what we've seen in the Trailer for season 3, it appears the battle at the end of Yesterdays Enterprise has been beefed up a bit - at least in the shot of the Enterprise firing phasers at a bird of prey in the trailer the phasers look and feel far more substantial their power than they did before.

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