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Re: Arnold is on board for Terminator 5 and possibly 6

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As for this film: Meh. What could T5 and T6 possibly cover that the existing films haven't?
Well... there's always that which T4 halfway covered, then chickened out on: the final assault against/victory over Skynet. Featuring the T-1000000? I wouldn't mind seeing that thing in 3D again.

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Let it die already.
For such a first-tier franchise, the Terminator series really is in a tough spot to continue: Arnie's too old to play a Terminator, but not only would a reboot be virtually unthinkable (who could possibly replace him?), the series' whole cold war mindset is sorely outdated. And even if T1 were remade... so what? T1 is simply not a very big story; it's a low-budget techno-slasher flick, hardly a tentpole-sized sell to teenage newcomers or international audiences. The most obvious route is to do a more or less straight sequel to Salvation, but the movie would have to be damn good to overcome audience apathy toward revisiting the post-apocalyptic landscape that just isn't all that suited to sustaining a full movie.

Dream wrote: View Post
It will probably be best if Arnold plays the human that that Skynet based the Terminator on.
Aye, I think that that - plus a very clear marketing hook of "this [T5] is the last battle" is the best way to go; don't leave anything on the field in some vain/misguided hope for a T6. And keep it to a lean 100 minutes at most.

... Although, truth be told, at this point I'd be more excited about seeing Arnie in a Prometheus 2.
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