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Re: Woman shot following Walking Dead argument

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G-man. yeah its not a good arguement, but the statistics for gun related crimes of usa v other countries show that americans can't be trusted with guns.
Getting rid of legal guns will mean only the Criminals will have guns. In an Eastern State, they recently passed a Conceal carry law, and Gun crimes have dropped way down. And before you get the wrong impression, I don't like guns, and will not allow in my house, but, blaming guns for violence that people do isn't rational. Truth be told, if someone's gonna murder me, I'd rather be shot throgh the head or heart, than beaten with a baseball bat or knifed 10 or 20 times. At least the gun shot would kill ya pretty quick, I can't imagine the horror and torture of being beaten to death with a baseball bat

I Can't believe anyone can actually believe this happened because of guns being legal. If he didn't have a gun, you really think this freak wouldn't have used a knife, a baseball bat or other weapon?

This guy was disturbed, either insane a meth head or an abusive alcoholic.
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