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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise battle

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I saw that about a year ago I think, they did "spruce" up some of the shots. I DO wish they would do this type of work more often on the STNG remastering.
They've constant said the TNG remastering is not about adding in a ton of new HD CGI space battles. That would be too expensive to do for this kind of project.

Not sure how they are going to handle later DS9 seasons or the entire VOY series, which would required all that.

Duh, I'm not talking about space battles, they rarely had those in TNG, I'm talking about improving composition, perspective, motion and detail in FX shots. I LIKE much of the model recompositing they are doing, but there certainly ARE scenes that could be improved upon that they don't because of some silly notion that it will change the "art" of a technical side of film making, when it could better.
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