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Re: Netflix signs multi-year deal with Disney

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a bunch of movies from Disney's catalog will be made available beginning Tuesday.
The article says the Disney catalog won't be available on Netflix until 2016.

Disney movies will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning in 2016, after its current deal with Liberty Media's pay-TV channel Starz expires.
There are 2 separate deals announced here. Deal 1) Netflix scoops the ''Pay tv window'' from Starz, for Disney owned theatrical films starting in 2016... meaning that 6 months in theaters, then 6 months after the ''dvd sales window'', Netflix Instant streaming gets those new releases, just as HBO, SHO, and Starz does with current movies, Starz will continue to be the pay tv home of Disney theatricals until their current agreement ends in 2016.
Deal 2) is for catalog titles which began Tuesday. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pocahontas, James and the Giant Peach, Dumbo and Alice in Wonderful and several others have already been added. Starz controlled the catalog rights as well, but no longer.

And for those wondering, the first 6 Star Wars films will not be streamed on Instant Watch. 20th Century Fox retains distribution rights (theatrical, home vid, tv syndication), so they aren't a part of this deal.
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