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Re: Netflix signs multi-year deal with Disney

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I'm sure this will lead to another couple of price increases between now and 2016. Oh joy.
I dunno, Netflix customers seem awfully price sensitive and liable to kick them to the curb if upset. Hasn't Netflix learned that little lesson?

Anyway, I pay a big $20/month for Netflix which beats the heck out of the $80/month that Comcast was getting from me before I finally got totally fed up with them.

Netflix has a huge advantage of not needing to offer live sports, the costs of which are going nuts and it's only going to get worse.

The average household already spends about $90 a month for cable or satellite TV, and nearly half of that amount pays for the sports channels packaged into most services. Massive deals for marquee sports franchises like the Dodgers and Lakers are driving those costs even higher. Over the next three years, monthly cable and satellite bills are expected to rise an average of nearly 40%, to $125, according to the market research company NPD Group.
Cable and satellite can get away with this because sports viewers are not price sensitive enough to scream their heads off and cut the cord, even if that means giving up watching sports for good. I'd rather ally myself with the price sensitive crowd, since that's the only way that corporate greed can even theoretically be kept in line.
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