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Ya' know what I, as the truest of the true blue of Trekkies, hate?! Everything after 'The Man Trap'! That's right, I'm talkin' about the episode friction' airdates. No production order here! No sir!
The Man trap? I wouldn't sully my mouth with that trash! Everything after The Cage is terrible! Thank god that episode didn't air, or it would probably endure the same fate as all the other god-awful episodes!!

Actually scratch that, anything before The Cage is an abomination! Truly terrible episodes... oh wait there weren't any... Good thing too! This Star Trek m'larky is an insult to Gene Roddenberry's vision... For "The Lieutenant"!!
Very true. Any true blue dyed in the wool Trek fan wouldn't bother watching 'Star Trek' at all. To REALLY appreciate the essence of Trek, one should only watch 'My Mother the Car'.
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